Leisure Rules Inc.
Based in Markham, Canada

Founding date:
December 6, 1994


Press / Business Contact:

Jim Cloughley
Aliens versus Humans

Avh Missions


A husband and wife indie game studio in Markham, Ontario, Canada. We have developed a mobile platform for running real world scavenger hunt games where clues are released and participants need to solve a series of problems/quests/puzzles to advance. More recently we've entered the iOS gaming space and developed and published "Aliens versus Humans" and soon will be releasing "Aliens versus Humans: Missions" on iOS. We're actively prototyping other game ideas as well.


Early history

It all started with my first iPhone. It was a 3GS and the App Store was an exciting place. I was rapidly searching for games from my past and searched for X-Com. I found strategy guides for the original X-Com but that was about it. Seeing a gap in the market we bought a Mac Mini, signed up as an Apple Developer and got started developing our first iOS title "Aliens versus Humans" an X-Com clone.

After that

As everyone before us, we started to run the gauntlet of developing a game on the Apple platform. We were new to game development but not new to developing quality software. We started with one person full time in December of 2010 and finally released in November 2011. We are actively working on our AvH titles as well as prototyping some new and exciting titles.




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Awards & Recognition

Selected Articles

  • "Saving human race family affair for Cloughley clan"
    - Simon Martin, Economist and Sun

Team & Repeating

Vanessa Cloughley
Co-Founder, Lead Developer

Jim Cloughley
Founder, Artist, Lead Tester

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