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November 6th, 2013

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Turn based strategy at it's finest. Aliens versus Humans: Missions is modelled after the original X-Com Enemy Unknown from the early '90s. AvH: Missions lets you choose between single player and multi-player modes. The single player mode consists of 25 predefined missions that progress along a storyline. The first 5 missions are free with the option to purchase the remaining 20 missions through IAP. The multi-player mode uses Game Center to allow you to battle others from around the world. Multi-player has three game types: Player versus Player, Scramble Player versus Player and Capture the Flag.


AvH: Missions is the second game in the AvH family of games. It's predecessor (AvH) incorporates world management with the geoscape, bases building and maintenance, research and manufacturing as well as tactical missions. AvH: Missions takes the tactical missions from AvH and offers users a 'try before you buy' alternative. AvH: Missions also introduces multi-player along with new leader boards.


  • Choose from three Multi-Player game types: PvP, Scramble PvP and Capture the Flag.
  • Choose terrain, number of soldiers, weapons, armour, night/daytime Multi-Player games.
  • Both sides start with identical soldiers and equipment. Your skill must set you apart.
  • Ability to message your opponent at the end of your turn.
  • Claw your way to the top of the leader boards as you battle for Game Center bragging rights.
  • Play 25 Single Player missions that proceed along a storyline, including night time missions.
  • Randomly generated battle maps, day and night missions, destructible terrain, on-the-fly Line of Sight and 4 zoom levels.


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      About Leisure Rules Inc.

      A husband and wife indie game studio in Markham, Ontario, Canada. We have developed a mobile platform for running real world scavenger hunt games where clues are released and participants need to solve a series of problems/quests/puzzles to advance. More recently we've entered the iOS gaming space and developed and published "Aliens versus Humans" and soon will be releasing "Aliens versus Humans: Missions" on iOS. We're actively prototyping other game ideas as well.

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      Aliens versus Humans: Missions Credits

      Jim Cloughley
      Founder, Artist, Lead Tester

      Vanessa Cloughley
      Co-Founder, Lead Developer

      Graham Post
      Artist/Animator, Freelancer

      Alexandra Biasutti
      Artist, Freelancer

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