AvH screen snapshots

Development Update

Aliens versus Humans 2.0.8 is our current version available now in the AppStore.

Below is a list of potential features for future updates. Thanks to everyone's great feedback and valuable suggestions. If you have any other suggestions please contact us through our feedback page.

Please Note: This list represents 'possible' features to add, we have yet to decide which ones will make it into an update.

  • more alien types
  • ability to rotate the battle scene
  • fix the axis of the geoscape or add an 'up' button to re-orient it
  • iphone/ipod add #grenades on the battle scene
  • iphone/ipod add ability to disable/enable reaction fire directly from the battle scene instead of having to navigate to other screens
  • ability to open doors without going through them
  • add terror missions
  • add base attacks
  • ability to 'undo' an action during a mission
  • add a second episode
  • add a manual/information on the onslaught to our website
  • add female soldiers
  • add ground vehicles
  • equip soldiers by dragging and dropping gear etc.
  • melee fighting
  • add inertia scrolling to the geoscape
  • stun and capture live aliens
  • new misison type: adding civilians to standard urban missions and perhaps link a saving civilians bonus with funding?
  • an intercept option when alien activity msg comes up and then select a craft from a list

We're always looking for feedback so contact us via our support form and you can influence what we work on. Make sure to include your email. We've had several people contact us but they didn't provide an email address so we have no way to contact them (clearly our Mind Probe isn't working).

Aliens versus Humans 2.0.8

This is our current version in the Google Play Store. It was released on December 22 2014. This release includes:
  • Android port of AvH 2.0.8 from iOS.
  • Full functionality excluding iCloud support for the Onslaught mode and Game Center for Training Missions.

Aliens versus Humans 2.0.8

This is our current version in the AppStore. It was released on June 14 2013. This update includes:
  • iPhone 5 support - no more letter boxing.
  • Soldiers can now be color-coded on the Soldiers screen so you can distinguish them while on the battle field. The colors do not effect their ability to be seen by aliens.
  • You can now disable the "Line of Fire" check. This allows you to shoot even if something is between the soldier and the target. Including other soldiers (so be careful). This is found off the Geoscape screen by touching Options, then Settings. Flick down near the bottom.
  • For those that want to speed up game play, you now have the option to buy in game currency. Note that the game balance has NOT changed - this is only for those that want to advance quicker than the game allows by default.
  • Lost your favorite soldier? Now you have the option to resurrect them after the mission ends.

Aliens versus Humans 2.0.5

This version was released on Feb.9 2013 and added the following features:
  • iCloud support for Onslaught saved games. For those of you with multiple devices, this means you can save a game to iCloud on one device and then immediately switch to another device and load that game. For those that are on the go with an iPod/iPhone but play on an iPad at other times, this is for you.
  • Fixed a minor issue with SkyHoppers misbehaving.
  • Fixed an issue where swapping weapons with dead aliens had some unintended consequences...

Aliens versus Humans 2.0.4

This version was released on Nov.30 2012 and added the following features:
  • Soldier ranks are now displayed during missions and on the Soldier Info screens.
  • The ability to swap guns with soldier and alien corpses. There are a couple of conditions. If the weapon is unusable, you cannot pick it up but it will tell you what weapon the alien has (so you know how much firepower they are packing). If the weapon is usable (you've done the research for it), you can swap it with the weapon you're carrying.
  • New music that you can select to play during a mission. There is also new music that plays during the briefing and loading mission screen and after a mission.
  • There is now a method to switch between AvH 1 (the training missions) and AvH 2 (the onslaught).
  • OpenFeint has been removed. All achievement and leaderboards for AvH 1 (Training Missions) are implemented only through Game Center now.
  • Of course there is the other thing, but you'll need to figure that out on your own.

Aliens versus Humans 2.0.2

This version was released on Oct.25, 2012 and added the following features:
  • New easier difficulty level. There are now 4 difficulty levels: n00b, challenging, hard and cruel.
  • Adds the firing accuracy % per soldier for each type of shot.
  • Adds the ability to send feedback via email directly from the Help/About screen.

Aliens versus Humans 2.0

This version was released on Oct.3, 2012 and added the following features:
  • Bases
  • Geoscape
  • Research
  • Manufacturing
  • Improved alien sprites
  • Improved soldier sprites
  • Improved shading during night missions
  • New gun sprites

Aliens versus Humans 1.1.2

This version was released on March 10, 2012 and added 5 more missions as promised by us in v1.0. The new missions completed the first part of the AvH story that 2.0 was based on.

Aliens versus Humans 1.1.0

This version was released on January 25, 2012 and added the following features.
  • Make Aliens versus Humans Universal. Al(ien) is testing this now and really likes the new missions. Hu(man) has done a great job coding improved zoom such that you can zoom out further to see the entire map along with being to zoom in an incredible amount.
  • Change the way missions display so you can see all of the available missions. Missions would still be locked but you would be able to go back and play a mission again. Further, we will store your high score per mission so you can go back and try to better your score. Improving your score will earn you more XP that can be used for better gear. However, you'll only be awarded the delta XP between your previous high score and your new high score.
  • Add the ability to create your own missions. You'll be able to design your very own missions.

Aliens versus Humans 1.0.2

This was our first update. It was released on December 20, 2011. This release has the same features as 1.0.1 modified with feedback from our beta testers. Look for the new "Human" version of our icon!

Aliens versus Humans 1.0.1 - beta release completed

  • Added the ability to name your soldiers. You do this by touching their names on the Roster screen.
  • Changed the portrait area to display your Time Units and Health as a number beside the bar.
  • Added the TU cost when shooting.
    • Now when you select a cell, if you touch the "shoot at" menu, you will see the Time Unit cost to use Aimed, Auto or Snap shot.
  • Added the TU cost when throwing.
    • Now when you select a cell, if you touch the "throw at" menu, you will see the Time Unit cost to throw grenades or flares.
  • Added the TU cost for walking.
    • Now when you select a cell, the Time Units required to walk to that cell will display inside the "walk to" button.
    • If you don't have enough Time Units to walk to the selected cell, it will display "x".
  • Reduced the cost to "look at" to two Time Units.
  • Fixed a typo in the Quick Tutorial.

Aliens versus Humans 1.0.0

This was our first release. It appeared in the AppStore on November 24th, 2011.