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Version 2.0.8 is now available in the AppStore and Google Play Store

What People Are Saying about Aliens Versus Humans

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www.invisiblegamer.net -- "...this is the game X-Com fans have been waiting to put in their pockets for nearly two decades."

www.whatsoniphone.com -- "Aliens versus Humans is an amazing iPad and iPhone tactical game, and since the addition of The Onslaught, a great real time strategy game."


www.148apps.com -- "In Onslaught players can expect the kind of portable X-COM experience they've always wanted. The Geoscape, 'pedia, recruitment, research, staffing, manufacturing, and base construction (with multiple bases) is all present and accounted for. It's practically perfect X-COM in all its immaculate and frustrating glory, only now you can play it whenever and wherever you want."

www.pockettactics.com -- "AvH:Onslaught is like a tribute band for X-Com - it hits all of the same notes as the original: recruitable (and re-nameable) troops who learn as they gain experience, cagey aliens who see in the dark better than you do, bases that you build and staff, research that you direct, randomized combat maps - the whole lot."

AvH: Missions - Multiplayer! Now Available

We're very excited to announce a new app called Aliens verusus Humans: Missions. AvH:Missions has been in the works for a while and is now available. It is a free app that has tactical missions to practice against the AI as well as a multiplayer mode using Game Center. Have no mercy on your friends as you claw your way to the top of the leader boards! Check out Aliens versus Humans: Missions web page for more information.

AvH Highlights:

  • Bases - build up to 8 bases around the Earth.
  • Geoscape - A world view of your bases, crafts and active teleportation events.
  • Base Management: build facilities, view base info, equip soldiers, research, manufacture, purchase, sell and transfer items between bases.
  • New and updated battle terrains including: Farm, Urban, Industrial, Arctic, Jungle and Desert.
  • A Pedia to help you keep track of all your gear, crafts, alien corpses and artifacts.
  • Four levels of difficulty: n00b, Challenging, Hard and Cruel.
  • iCloud support to allow multiple devices to play the same game.
  • Interactive mission tutorials and a quick tutorial.
  • Randomly generated battle maps, day and night missions, destructible terrain, on-the-fly Line of Sight and 4 zoom levels.
  • Soldiers' stats improve based on their experience during missions.
  • Choose to play tactical missions only with 25 predefined missions and a custom mission editor to make your own missions.

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About UsJim aka Alien Vanessa aka Human

As indie as indie gets we are a husband and wife team - Jim aka Alien and Vanessa aka Human. Flashback to the summer of 2010. The X-Com world was a barren wasteland filled with memories of days gone by. There was very little resembling X-Com for iOS devices and certainly nothing that could rival the depth and experience of X-Com. When Alien got his first iphone - a state of the art 3GS we had a great idea to port the original 1994 X-Com enemy unknown to iOS. Both having computer science degrees it couldn't be that hard, could it? It wouldn't be too much work, would it? We were wrong on both counts but are very proud of the results. Alien is happy to now have a version of the original X-Com on his upgraded iPhone5 - while Alien Jr. and Human Jr. play Aliens versus Humans on the 3GS that started it all.

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