AvH screen snapshots

Aliens versus Humans: Missions Available Now


  • FREE Player versus Player missions.
  • Design your own PvP missions including:
    • Choose type of PvP Game: Classic, Capture the Flag, Scramble PvP
    • Capture the Flag and Scramble PvP bundled as a single IAP
    • Choose the terrain including:
      • Farm country
      • Suburban
      • Urban
      • Industrial/Warehouses
      • Jungle
      • Desert
      • Arctic
    • Choose either daytime or nighttime missions
    • Choose how many soldiers to take (max 12 per squad)
    • Choose from 8 different firing weapons
    • Three grenade strengths
    • Three armor types
  • Maps are randomly generated for each mission
  • Leaderboards
  • Player bonuses with a handicap system
  • Classic PvP is FREE. What are you waiting for?
  • Lite version comes with the first 5 missions for FREE. Try before you buy.

AvH: The Onslaught - Available Now!

Aliens versus Humans: The Onslaught gives more of the X-Com feeling with a campaign mode including a geoscape, base building, research, manufacturing and funding. There are some new cool weapons relating to teleportation that are discovered in the later stages of the game. Check out Aliens versus Humans web page for more information.

About UsJim aka Alien Vanessa aka Human

As indie as indie gets we are a husband and wife team - Jim aka Alien and Vanessa aka Human. Flashback to the summer of 2010. The X-Com world was a barren wasteland filled with memories of days gone by. There was very little resembling X-Com for iOS devices and certainly nothing that could rival the depth and experience of X-Com. When Alien got his first iphone - a state of the art 3GS we had a great idea to port the original 1994 X-Com enemy unknown to iOS. Both having computer science degrees it couldn't be that hard, could it? It wouldn't be too much work, would it? We were wrong on both counts but are very proud of the results. Alien is happy to now have a version of the original X-Com on his upgraded iPhone5 - while Alien Jr. and Human Jr. play Aliens versus Humans on the 3GS that started it all.

Curious what we really look like? Check out this local newspaper article.